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ATON Partners offer management consulting services anchored in real life knowledge of the industry.

Patrick Sullivan and Daniel Levangie have led highly successful medical devices and diagnostics companies from the development of early concept stage technology, through to commercialization and eventual highly profitable exits.  With more than 20 years of operating experience, ATON Partners has a deep knowledge of building companies with innovative and medical practice-changing technologies and products.

Tales of success

Aton Partners bloodhound-hematology Bloodhound

Sullivan and Levangie most recently led the investment and development of the Bloodhound Fully Integrated Hematology System - a highly disruptive technology focused on revolutionizing an entrenched standard of care in a 1 billion annual test market in hematology. Blood hound was acquired by Roche Diagostics for $220MM in July 2013.

ATON Partners will leverage their decades long experience with inventors and entrepreneurs to develop, test, and commercialize similar game-changing medical device and diagnostics technologies.

Aton Partners Cytyc Cytyc Corporation

Sullivan and Levangie headed the emergence of Cytyc Corporation as the leading company delivering innovative solutions for women's health problems. This included the introduction of ThinPrep Pap Test System, the NovaSure Endometrial Ablation System, the MammoSite Targeted Radiation System, and Fetal Fibroectin Testing for pre-term delivery. Each proved to be innovative, disruptive, cost effective, standard-of-care-changing technologies. And was acquired by Hologic, Inc. for $6.2B USD in 2007.


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Daniel LevangieManaging Partner
Dan has a vast knowledge of the medical industry. For years, he was Chief Commercial Officer and President of the Cytyc Surgical Products Division.
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick SullivanManaging Partner
Former President of Cytyc Corporation, Patrick has grown businesses and launched global medical products.

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